Ritterliche Hofkapelle zu Wört

About Us

Hello All,

we, the „Wörter Rotachgugge” e.V. [e.V. = registered association], are one of  the thirteen “Wörter” carnival groups.

During a party it was decided to found a so called “Guggamusik” –group. Due to the fact that the river “Rotach” is flowing through Wört it was obvious to combine the name of the village with the name of the river. The result was “Wörter Rotachgugga”!

We started with the first shows in 1999. And to be honest, it was terrible.

After a while the “wild bunch” got more structured and the quality of the shows increased dramatically. Simultaneously lots of people joined the club.

In the year 2009 the official registered association was founded. The name “Rotachgugga” was changed to “Wörter Rotachgugga e.V.”

Our focus lies on carnival activities and so it’s not really a big surprise that we are always involved when the “Schellabogaschnitzler” adopt the town hall over the carnival season.

As a Wörter group, the annual highlight is the big carnival parade (Carnival-Sunday) in our village. Beside of that we play on carnival parties or other carnival parades and after Ash Wednesday we have time to relax.

We’re a great team!!

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